Life is good

I haven’t always been so bleeding-heart and open-book.

This is, more or less, a new side of me that I have discovered over the past handful of years, since being divorced and living alone. Funny thing about life.

Life is good. Damn good. It is gratifyingly and triumphantly good.

Good beyond measure. Not perfect, good.

To me it means leaning in, with resolute and an unconditional heart, to the fullness of life, and connecting emotionally to the reaching tentacles of mortality, curiosity, intimacy, mystery.

Good is life.

I spent too many years of my life, sadly, and to my own shame, running from the shadows that I sheepishly feared strangulation from. It was a myth.

Now, frankly, right or wrong, good or bad, I don’t really give a shit.I just move with inclination and inner prompting, simple.

Bring it. Let’s do it.

Got love? Show me! Got a question? Hit me with it! Got a sense of humor? Let’s hear it! Got a mystery? Let’s solve or celebrate it! Got a need for touch? I’m here, ready, willing.

Burst. Bleed. Explode. Live life to the fullest.

Celebrate life. Commemorate life. Ceremoniate life.

Again, not perfect life but good life.

Fall and surrender to the pulses and sensations of divination, intuition, hunch, gut feeling, suspicion.

Don’t be afraid to feel. Pleasure waits, and treasures too.

I am not always right but I’m always happy for the choices I make.

Because so many of you are there for me, I will try to be there for you.

Thank you. Thank you.

Life is so big, broad, and colossal.

Don’t miss a single second. Laugh louder and longer until you can’t laugh anymore.

Cry with tears of joy, bliss, euphoria, exuberance.

Life is good.

When you are free of religious ideologies and theologies and connected, in your heart-of-hearts, to the energies that govern our every step and breadth, you have arrived at your liberated home. You are you. You are loose, unshackled, self-directing. Lean into the wisdom of love. Feel her power over you.

I’m thinking of all the men and women in my life, that have touched me, and I am beholden with gratitude.

I’m thinking of all the events and experiences in my life, that birthed my present psyche, and I am overwhelmed.

I’m thinking of all the photos I have taken, in my life that bolsters up my vision and style, and I weep with joy.

Click. Click again. Click, still, again.


Jack Hollingsworth