There are places and destinations, in this world, so multi-faceted, multi-dimensional, multi-sensory, that are not only impossible to accurately describe, even extol, but seem to get under your skin and never, ever leave you. Like ever.

India is such a place for me. She lives deep in me.

For those of you that have seen her up-close and personal, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Until you have been there, experienced her visions and vibes, until you have explored her secret gardens, which are too numerous to count and discover, you will never quite understand my fascination and obsession with “The Great River”.

She is a symphony of color, culture, closeness, confidentiality, companionship, congress.

Her worlds, photographically speaking, are eternal and others worldly.

She is divine, majestic, heroic, sovereign. magnificent.

Only those who lean, fully and completely, into her embrace, can ever begin to admire and acquire her mysteries.

To visit and photograph her, is to love and know her. Click.

She is a wonder of wonders.

Few places, in my life, have had such profundity on me as India.

She is glorious. She radiates color affection and sensuality. Her aromas and tastes are as a lover in the night….waiting, wanting, wishing, wondering

Her raw beauty is breathtaking.

The glimpses of her landscapes are unique.

Her population resonates with kindness, intimacy, transparency.

She is from India. And she is so damn romantic, sensual, mesmerizing.



Jack Hollingsworth