I Am Grateful

My life hasn’t been perfect. Not by a long shot.

I have been defeated way more than I have succeeded, really. I’m not lying. Believe me.

Yet, here I am, through all the curveballs, bumps and bruises, roadblocks, detours, distractions, false-starts…

For all of it, the simultaneous moments of jubilation and dejection, I am, from my heart of hearts, so very grateful for all of it.

For it’s in the “all” of it, that has forged and formed me into the person I am today. Same for you.

There really is no going around drama and trauma, only through it.

If you are not overflowing with gratitude, you are not fully alive.

I am who I am not just because of my triumphs and victories but also because of my shortcomings and fallibilities.

As I look back I realize that the deficiencies and liabilities, at some level, were the ones that perhaps meant the most, and bore the greatest fruit.

Being and living gratefully is the feeling of sincere appreciation of thankfulness:  for the good, the bad, even the ugly.

Being thankful is being beholden, filled with overflowing gratitude; for all that life has pushed and pulled you through.

You may not always have this sense of gratitude in life.

But it is there, big, beautiful, powerful, and all-encompassing. She calls you to her side and allegiance. She wants your attention.

I am grateful for my history, my family, my career, my loves, my memories, my losses, my successes, and  my failures.

When you are truly filled with gratitude, you are permeated and fortified with kindness and humility.

Meekness is not weakness but strength under control.

Living a life of gratitude gives you great control.

For every high and low, up and down, first and last experience, be grateful.

For in your gratitude, you will find the fullness of life and love.



Jack Hollingsworth