“Hey, Wait, I Think I’m Creative”

As a kid, like all kids my age, I dreamed a lot about toys, pets, family members, sports, flying, fantasies of adventure, holidays, vacations, school, etc.

But, truth be told, I didn’t have a clue as to what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I initially went to college to study Forestry but, in hindsight, I think that was more of a late 60s sentiment than a heartfelt career aspiration. After all, I needed to do something. Right?

Then, during the summer of 1975, thanks to the serendipitous benevolence of my Dad and Uncle Lee Harrington, President of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, I happily found myself, with my cousin Brian and 600 other Merchant Marine cadets in training, on a Merchant Marine ship, headed for Europe.

The fortuitous and quite unexpected thing about this ocean adventure was that it was the first time I ever held and used an SLR camera – a shiny new Minolta SRT 101, with a single 50mm lens. Not surprisingly, the camera felt comfortable and natural in my hand.

It was, honestly, the first time in my life that I said to myself, “Hey, wait, I think I’m creative.” From that point on, I was hooked. The camera would be part of my foreseeable future, my plans, my heart, my core, and my aspirations in life.

As both fate and fortune would have it, that is exactly how this story has played out.

I’ve been a photographer my entire life. I have photographed, personally and professionally, with various camera formats and various film stocks, all over the world.

I have firsthand experienced the zeitgeist of analog to digital and DSLRs to smartphones.

There have been customary highs and lows along the way in my photography journey. But it has never gotten old for me. Ever. When a camera is in my hand, now an iPhone camera, I am alive.

I was born to see, to shoot, to share.


Jack Hollingsworth

A Photographer’s Dream

I was a kid with no clue… What I wanted to pursue.

Until I held a camera in my hand… And felt a spark of wonderland.

I traveled the world with my lens… Capturing moments and making friends.

I witnessed the change of technology… But never lost my curiosity.

I faced the highs and lows of my art… But it never grew old in my heart.



Jack Hollingsworth