Feel Beautiful

In addition to the portrait comments about Amy, a genuine knockout to be sure, yesterday, on Facebook, I had additional, private messages asking me about insider tips on iPhone portrait this, portrait that…

It was a fun, long conversation.

But it felt like to me, at seeming every turn, there was, here, more than meets the eye.

Apparently, we touched a nerve. I could feel it all over.

I’ve been here before. I know this conversation well. There’s a secret to it all.

Yes, there’s a secret to looking beautiful on camera.

This may come across as a bit cosmic for some of you but, for the past 40+ years, having taken tens of thousands of portraits of people, all around the world, I can tell you this truth of this pontification and heartfelt musing.

And it’s simply this-we are beautiful in pictures when we feel beautiful in ourselves. Yes. Done. Click.
It’s not technical but emotional.

Even though I have spent decades thinking about this very thing, I still can’t explain it properly
It has to do with the way the brain works and transmits impulses to our body.

When we feel beautiful in ourselves, I mean really fucking beautiful, no bull-shit, no pretense, our brain, behind the scenes, talks to and direct the muscles in our face and body to be “photogenic”.


I have seen this play out in hundreds of people I have photographed, over the years.

We are beautiful in pictures when we feel beautiful in ourselves.

We just can’t fake this.

Conversely, no matter how physically gifted we are, in the flesh, if we don’t feel that inner beauty, in ourselves, no amount of make-up, hair styling, wardrobe, or filtering is going overcome our deep-rooted and deep-seated insecurities about ourselves in pictures.

Trust me on this. Please. It’s the absolute best advice and secret I can give you for looking good in pictures-feel beautiful.



Jack Hollingsworth