Evolution and Revolution

I have been a career photographer since 1975. I have witnessed and adapted to the evolution of photography from analog to digital, and now to smartphone cameras. But nothing has transformed my photography more than my conversion to iPhone photography in 2011.

Since then, I have taken over 1,000,000 photos with 10 different iPhone models, in more than 50 countries around the world. I have captured moments, places, people, and stories that I would have missed or ignored with a conventional camera. I have discovered new ways of seeing, expressing, and sharing my vision through the lens of my iPhone.

iPhone photography has changed everything about my photography. It has changed what I shoot, when I shoot, where I shoot, who I shoot, and even why I shoot. It has made me more spontaneous, creative, adventurous, and curious. It has also made me more emotionally connected to my body of work, as each photo reflects a part of my life and personality.

I don’t want to diminish, devalue, or minimize the technical and mechanical aspects of photography. I still appreciate and respect the quality and craftsmanship of dedicated cameras and lenses. But for me, iPhone photography has transcended the technicalities and become an art form.

Maybe it’s the ergonomics and form factor of the iPhone that has revolutionized how I shoot. The iPhone is always with me, ready to capture any moment, anywhere, anytime. It is light, compact, and discreet, allowing me to blend in with the environment and the people. It is also versatile, offering a range of features and functions that enable me to experiment and create.

But more importantly, iPhone photography has shifted my focus from objective image quality to subjective artistic expression. I , quite often, could care less about the resolution, sharpness, or noise of my photos, and more about the composition, art, mood, emotion, style, and feeling.

Content trumps craft. What a photo says is often more important than how it was created.

I use the iPhone as a tool to convey my message, not to impress with technical details.

Maybe it’s true that art grows out of the heart. iPhone photography has opened my heart to new possibilities and perspectives. It has challenged me to find beauty and meaning in the ordinary and the extraordinary. It has inspired me to tell stories and connect with others through my photos.

Given the fact that we no longer prioritize print, maybe it’s more important to redefine photography for a new generation of users and viewers. Photography is no longer just a way of documenting reality, but a way of creating and sharing our own realities.

Photography is not just a hobby or a profession, but a passion and a lifestyle.
I am proud to be an iPhone photographer. I am proud of the photos I have taken and the memories I have made. I am proud of the community I have joined and the impact I have had. I am proud of the art I have created and the joy I have experienced.

iPhone photography has changed my life, and I hope it will change yours too.



Jack Hollingsworth