Dear Diary: Infatuation to Maturation

I still remember the day I fell in love with iPhone photography. It was February 18, 2011, and I had just gotten my first iPhone. I was amazed by the quality and versatility of the camera, and I couldn’t wait to explore the world through its lens, quite differently than the lenses I was use to peering through. I was hooked, as only love can hook.

For the next few years, I was in a state of infatuation. I took photos of everything and anything, from sunsets to street art, from flowers to faces. I experimented with different apps, filters, and editing tools, and I shared my creations with the online community. I felt a rush of excitement and joy every time I captured a beautiful moment or received a compliment.

Photography, once again, felt brand new-like a first kiss.

But like any relationship, my love for iPhone photography had its challenges. Sometimes, I felt frustrated by the limitations of the device, such as the low light performance, the zoom range, or the battery life. Sometimes, I felt overwhelmed by the abundance of options and possibilities, and I struggled to find my own style and voice, using this pocket device. Sometimes, I felt pressured by the expectations and opinions of others, and I lost sight of my own vision and passion.

That’s when I realized, like any romance worth investing in, that my relationship with iPhone photography needed to mature. I needed to move beyond the initial infatuation and embrace the deeper aspects of the art form. I needed to learn more about the technical and aesthetic principles of iPhone photography, as it related to mobile cameras and storytelling, such as composition, lighting, and color. I needed to develop my own skills and techniques and challenge myself to grow and improve.

I needed to find my own niche and audience and express myself authentically and confidently, even autobiographical.

And that’s what I did. For the past few years, 12 years actually, I have been on a journey of maturation in iPhone photography. I have taken courses, read books, watched tutorials, and joined workshops. I have traveled to over 50 countries and taken over 1 million photos on 10 different iPhones. I have honed my craft and refined my style. I have created a portfolio, a blog, a social media presence, and a personal brand. And most importantly, I have rediscovered my love for photography.

Now, I don’t just take photos with my iPhone. I create art with it. And I want to share that art with you.
I want to inspire you to fall in love with iPhone photography too.



Jack Hollingsworth