Cuba: Wounds to scars

Back in 2018, I took my first photography trip to Cuba.

At the time, I was smack in the middle of separating from Shannon and trying desperately to figure out what the rest of my life would look like.

I was, in fact, an emotional train wreck, to say the least.

And while most of that Cuba adventure was a tempestuous blur, I managed to make it through with the herculean support of two dear friends which I will forever be in their debt, Dutch and Wilber.

It’s funny how time heals.

Time not only turns wounds into scars, the scars themselves, once unsightly, begin to appear beautiful and purposeful.

Just four years later, last week, on my second trip to Cuba, the clouds looked whiter, the air clearer, and the skies bluer.

It was like I was, visually and emotionally, seeing Cuba for the first time.

Here are a few quick snaps I culled on my plane ride home, yesterday.

It’s the beginning of much more I plan to share, along with the life lessons I learned along the way.
My experience this time around was so positive, I’m already planning a couple of Photo Workshops in Cuba in 2023-2024.

Maybe come along and experience, as I have, the rush, gush, hush, and blush of street, portrait, and travel photography with an iPhone.


Jack Hollingsworth