Cuba: 90 miles from Exotic

This will be my last post on Cuba.

Thanks so much for coming along and enjoying this journey with me to Old Havana.

This trip was unforgettable, Thanks in large part, to my dear Cuban friends and guides, Wilber and Yirka.

I will be returning in April, for some more shooting and a brief scouting visit.

If all goes as planned, by the end of the year (November/December), I hope to be able to announce an upcoming iPhone photography-exclusive workshop to Cuba.

The group will be small and limited to around 10-15 persons.

And very much like the photos I’ve been posting, over the past couple weeks, our emphasis, for the workshop, will be on Travel, Street, Food, Architecture and Portraiture photography-iPhone style.

Stand by for details here.

It’s a crying shame our governments don’t do a better job at playing in the same sandbox.

Because, for those of us that live in the USA, we are, literally, only 90 miles away from exotic.

The flight from Miami to Havana is only 30 minutes.

Also, inspite of what you may read online, Cuba is super safe for tourists and super easy to get in and out of.

After only 8 days there, my heart is still beating and I want to return for more.

Old Havana, in photographic speak, is a heart-stopping and eye-popping kaleidoscope of exotic, unusual, striking, unfamiliar and romantic faces, places and spaces.

Everything is a click away.

I promise you, follow my steps and lead, in this coming workshop, and you’ll likely return with some of the best photos of your life, taken with the world’s most popular camera.

I don’t have any current detail about the upcoming workshop. Soon.

But, should you be, even, remotely interested, drop me a text of email and I’ll put you on the notification/interest list.

I have traveled to many venues in this world, big and small, exotic and common, near and far, Cuba is just one of those places that I can’t wait to get back to.

I know you will feel the same.

Join me in the trip of a lifetime.



Jack Hollingsworth