Cracks, Creases, Crevices

Life is full of cracks, creases, and crevices. Some are small and some are big. Some are smooth and some are rough. Some are hidden and some are visible.

Cracks are the breaks that we encounter. The losses, the failures, the disappointments. They may seem hard to overcome. But they can also make us stronger.

Creases are the bends that we experience. The transitions, the shifts, the alterations. They may seem difficult to adapt. But they can also make us wiser.

Crevices are the gaps that we discover. The openings, the chances, the possibilities. They may seem risky to explore. But they can also make us happier.

Cracks, creases, and crevices are part of life. They shape us, they teach us, they inspire us. We can choose to ignore them or embrace them. But we can never avoid them.



Jack Hollingsworth