Artistry and Intimacy

If I have a shortcoming in my iPhone photography, it would admittedly and intentionally be, that I tend not to use my iPhone camera as a casual or everyday recorder of life’s moments and memories.

When I have a camera in my hand, I think of “art and heart” rather than “memory and moment”.

This is the exact reason that I would make a shitty journalist, at any level.

My purpose in photography, unlike many, has never been to document life as the rhythms, rituals, and routines float by my camera lens.

Instead, my purpose in photography has been to create “art” of and in life, that is beautiful, lyrical, and emotional.

As you might expect from someone like me who teaches iPhone photography and consumers and prosumers, I see, firsthand, a lot of camera rolls.

Most of these camera rolls are a general mess and mixture of pets, memes and jokes, records and receipts, selfies, out-of-focus gym workouts, poorly composed food shots, screenshots, funny situations and experiences, family and friends, vacation snaps, hobbies and interests, places and landmarks, nature and gardens, artwork and crafts, etc
I’m not being judgmental of these pedestrian-style camera rolls. They are what they are.

However, in stark contrast, if you look at my camera roll, you will see precious little of any of this type of content.

I am who I am.

I need to improve at being a bit more casual and serendipitous in my everyday captures.

But for me, when I’m in a moment with family or friends, I’m in the moment. I’m not thinking about pictures. It’s a struggle for me to want to take these kind of pictures.

Perhaps, even for me, in photography, the gap between artistry and intimacy is bigger than I make it out to be.
Regardless, I do suck at everyday photography of life. I need help!



Jack Hollingsworth