A Super Groovy Film Simulation App

As you probably know by now, from looking at thousands of my iPhone photographs here, on this feed, I’m somewhat of a purist, even traditionalist, when it comes to my own iPhone Photography.

I like what I like.

I tend not to use many apps in my own iPhone photography workflow.

My mantra, from the beginning, has always been, that it’s better to master a handful of apps, that refine your style than be mediocre with many, and dilute your uniqueness.

But I am head-over-heels for this film simulation app-RNI Films.

It’s one of the best apps I have ever used.

RNI Films is a mobile app that allows you to apply real film filters and effects to your digital photos and videos. It has a library of film profiles that have been digitized from analog slides and negatives, and a set of editing tools to fine-tune your images. You can also edit RAW files and share your photos to social networks directly from the app. RNI Films is designed to bring the authentic character and color of the analog film to your mobile workflow.

Having come from an analog photography background, I can tell you that these film-simulation profiles are amazingly accurate.

When applied to the right subjects, it often feels like I have shot the image, not on a smartphone, but on an analog, dedicated camera, with slide and negative film stocks. Yep. Amazing actually.

For me, as I age, there is probably more to this story than I care to admit. But still, I have a hard crush on this app.
Using RNI Films is a blast from the past and a re-connection, of sorts, to my early days in photography and the wonderful memories associated with my beginnings.

Check out the app-it’s beautiful.



Jack Hollingsworth