A Hell Of A Week

This past week has been nuts. Really crazy.

We had a rare, monster ice storm in Austin. We, along with everyone else, lost power, the internet, and many of our precious yard branches and trees.

Shannon and I, out of necessity, holed up in a local hotel to wait out the storm (that part was actually lovely)
On top of that, we had a late, weekend-long, family Christmas, with Shannon’s side of the family who I adore.

And although I had a ? pile of work deadlines staring at me, I didn’t complete a single one of them.

Damn. Oh well.

Sometimes things go your way. Other times, they don’t. That’s life.

Feeling a bit anxious and stressed, I headed to my camera roll, as I often do, for some visual and emotional relief and therapy.

Good gadhhh, for those that don’t know the therapeutic joys of photography, how do you cope ?

Some escape to the refrigerator, some to TV, some to sex, some to shopping, I take a flight to my camera roll.

For once inside and on this yellow-brick road, I am off to my own, private world of fantasy, memory, beauty, and enchantment.

It’s simply amazing how reparative and restorative photography is to my soul.

And it’s instant too. I see a photograph and, right then and there, I’m lost in time and space.
Photography, at its core, is health-giving and sanative.

Photographs restore and repair. Photography is therapy.

While the world, weather, business, romance, love, life, sanity, and relationships all crumble around me, photography helps and heals unlike anything else in life.

I am a human being most fortunate to know and understand this side of life.

In this fulness of time, gratefully, I am an artist, a poet, a sorcerer, an alchemist, a wayfaring pilgrim, trying to make sense of life, one frame at a time.



Jack Hollingsworth