A Continual Present

It’s Friday night. Cut me some slack. I’m feeling trippy, contemplative, absorbed, and dreamy. But it’s all good.

I spent a good hour today looking for a photo I know I had but had no idea where it lived.
Eureka, there it was, sitting on my older iPhone 6s. Wow. Just wow.

Photographs are transports to other emotional galaxies

Ironically, the photograph itself, that I was searching for, wasn’t anything special, but the experience, through my determined search, of staring at older photos on older iPhones…was.

It got me cosmically thinking about how photographs, at least in my world, form sort of a “continual present”.

In other words, when I look at photographs, from various camera rolls, it is like I’m experiencing, again, a sort of a magical present.

A present… with no past and no future, just a continual present
This could be a key reason why I’m so obsessed with photography.

The photographs I take, allow me the privilege and luxury of living in this manufactured “continual present’? Ahhhhhh.


I am so, so, so fortunate to have lived the life I have lived, in the flesh and behind the lens.
I am humbled and grateful and enjoy my continual present and presence through my photographs



Jack Hollingsworth