1 Million iPhone Photos And Counting

Since February 18, 2011, 7.02 am, on the powder-soft, pink-sand, turquoise-waters of the famous Crane Beach, at The Crane Resort in Barbados, the oldest continually operating hotel in the Caribbean, I have, somehow, someway, much to my surprise and delight, taken over 1 million iPhone photos, on 10 different iPhone cameras, in over 50 countries of the world.

It has been one of the most remarkable and memorable journeys of my adult life.

Pinch me. Did this really happen?

I remember the early-morning experience, vividly and intensely, of taking my very first, intentional iPhone photograph, facing East, watching the rising sun crest over the horizon of the mighty Atlantic. It was love at first sight. It was. It so was. It still is.

I have never, at any point in my storied and celebrated 4+ decade career, been more emotionally attached to the body-of-work I have created with my iPhone cameras. The run and ride have been sensational.

Of course, at the time, as you might have imagined, I had no earthly idea, about the significance of magnificence, of that single event and its effect on my photography purpose and passion in life. All I sensed, at the moment, was that this simple, lowly, pocket-camera would and could potentially change, challenge, and reshape, not just the way I took pictures, but how I lived my life. It did both in glorious shape and form.

I am so very grateful.

It didn’t take long for the early infatuation with my iPhone camera to become an ongoing devotion, adoration, fixation.

In analog speak, at 36 exposures per roll, 1 million photos equal 27.7K rolls of film.

Take a million photos and divide that by my 10-year obsession with iPhone cameras, and you come with 274 images a day.

That would be 274 images per day, 7 days a week, for the last 10 years. Yikes. Talk about being prolific.

Not too shabby considering that the average consumer takes, approximately, 224 photos per year.

1 million seconds is 12 days (a vacation)

The height of a stack of 1,000,000 one-dollar bills measures 4,300 inches or 358 feet, about the height of a 30 to 35 story building.

The area covered by 1,000,000 one-dollar bills measures 111,287.5 square feet. This would cover an area approximately equal to the size of two football fields.

The length of 1,000,000 (one million) one-dollar bills, laid end-to-end, extends 96.9 miles.

Shooting 1 million iPhone photos, over a 10-year stretch of time, is a milestone of gargantuan, even herculean, proportions, that I am humbly proud of.

I know, firsthand, from experience, what works and what doesn’t.

And the best news of all, I have the images to prove it.

Oh, do I have the images!

Never, in my wildest dreams, did I imagine, for a second, that this plebeian phone-camera device, would forever alter and transform the trajectory of my career and life. But it has, is, and, I bet, will continue, until I leave this good earth

I’m looking forward to the next million iPhone photos.

At some level, I feel I’m just getting started.



Jack Hollingsworth